Lynne Schaefer has written two newspaper columns (“The Schussboomer” about skiing in California, and “Notes from Lynne’s Journal” about Oregon wildlife); travel and garden articles for regional magazines copy for DVD tours of the High Desert Museum and the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, both in Bend, Oregon. She has published three non-fiction books, A Traveler’s Guide to Historic California, Christmas Trivia Quiz, and His Daughter’s Remembrance.


4 Responses to About

  1. Martha Blowe says:

    Dear Lynn, I love your notebook ! Keep up the excellent work ! Thanks, Martha Blowe


  2. Lynne Schaefer says:

    Thanks, Martha, and thanks for following.


  3. Damian Fagan says:

    Nice work! I can smell the popcorn and suntan lotion! Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to spring training – now I’m inspired to go!


  4. Ingrid P. Wicken says:

    Lynne, Hello. I am working on some ski history of the Tahoe-Donner area and am wondering if you could email me? I’ve got some questions for you. Thank you, Ingrid


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